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Our audits:
You have a software, product or a team and you are ready to level up but you don’t know how?

Technical and communication warnings to your startup will be found by our top-notch engineers and seasoned CTOs. And guess what? We only need 14 days to do that!

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How to explain what does our technical audit report represents?

One sentence for it all: It's a 15–20 pages document made thoroughly that covers every potential warning connected to your existing technology, codebase, and team-level issues that will eventually stop your software product from scaling.


Despite having adequate finance, 90% of SaaS projects fail within three years of their first launch. One of the key causes is their failure to foresee potential problems with their crew, product, or combination of both.

We'll assist you in averting that situation with our special auditing procedure. Along with the topics you specifically want, we'll provide you with answers to the following important questions that every CTO, founder, and SaaS team leader should be aware of:

  • Is our software program scalable? 

  • How much dated code and technological dues does my brand have?

    Are my software developers really more experienced?

  • Why do my engineering squad's target dates continually getting missed?

  • With our present squad, technology, and procedures, will we be able to scale our SaaS product?


Why 50+ startup projects selected nothing less than our audits?

We questioned why our clients choose to work with our team to perform technical audits for them. Three of the many causes have been cited repeatedly:

1. We have a world class engineers and programmers

We have access to more specialists' time and attention than any other company.

We've been programming and running our own technical businesses for decades, and thanks to our combined experience, we can pinpoint 95% of issues that are slowly ruining the products of our clients. 


The remaining 5%? We might need to discuss it, but it will be easy peasy to handle!

Video Game Developers

2. We are genuine, and we can find every warning in a blink of an eye!

Your team and projects will be objectively analyzed. We are best described as  "Gordon Ramsey's startup nightmares" because, even if it (somewhat) stings, we'll tell you the unpleasant truth about the changes that you’ll need to do with any of your projects.

Our nice characters are not the point of our potential collab. Of course, we can assure you that everything is fine, but that won’t do you any good in preventing the failure of your projects. We have learnt that honesty is the only way for your recognition and success, and that is what we are offering!

3. Our main orientation are startups with a potential

There are so many barriers to scaling up, and auditing startups is significantly different from auditing other stages of advancement (like funding, recruitment, or extreme uncertainty about the future). We are extremely familiar with these struggles because:

We are entrepreneurs ourselves

We've been at the bottom, and at the top, so we are very familiar with both success and failure.  That is why we know how to calculate when do we need to stop.

Work Colleagues

We are in cooperation with investors

to assist them with audit startups before they enter a plea.

What we do and the methods we use it

Because it is insufficient to just analyze the code or review technological data, our special methods are built on these five pillars:


We make our client’s dreams come true – failure is not an option!

Major companies like Facebook or Amazon are not the subject of our conversation. Why? Because they already have a huge name behind them. But, what you will see are the brands that will shake up the Saas industry.

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